At Really Dope Coaching we help creative professionals who struggle with self doubt develop confidence and handle challenges in a positive way.

Coaching Methods

Everyone is different. So we offer different ways for you to have a great coaching experience. You have the option of face to face coaching (zoom), phone coaching, call and response coaching and self-paced coaching (coming soon). Find out which method fits you best.

Face to Face or phone (live) coaching

call and response coaching

self-paced coaching (coming soon)


Chris Randle was certified as a life coach in Sept. 2014. He understands the challenges people face when it comes to confidence. He has experienced this struggle first hand.
He offers insight and guidance in a way that encourages and motivates people to build their confidence and also deal with those things that get in the way of us being confident.
His down to earth and charismatic personality allow people to feel at ease and heard. He is genuinely a fan and friend to all and ready to support you in any way he can.

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Free resources

Let's be honest, we all want more control over our lives. The reality is we can't control everything. However here are 15 ways we can get more control.


The Whole Dude- Personal Transformation

The Whole Dude Personal Transformation ebook is a 3-part ebook designed to help guys develop foundational tools to be complete men.
The topics include:
Part 1: Motivation & End Procrastination
Part 2: Overcoming Fear & Building Self-Confidence
Part 3: Goal Setting & Developing Powerful Habits
Grab your copy today.

10 basic rules of style

Every man wants to look nice. Here are 10 basic rules that when followed will ensure that you always look your best.


1. Who is life coaching for?

Life Coaching is for anyone who wants to collaborate to accomplish their goals.

2. In what areas do you coach?

Emotional intelligence, Husband stuff, ADHD, Adolescence, Biblical Understanding and Personal Execution.

3. Do you only coach men?

No, Really Dope Coaching is open to anyone, including ages 13-18.

4. What is a coaching session like?

It's very similar to a regular conversation.